Experienced actors and professionally-oriented beginners, directors and teachers are welcome to apply for training at our studio. 

Because of the progressive nature of our core training programs, actors are admitted only at the fall term (September) start.

Under exceptional circumstances, actors may be invited to join a program mid-year, provided they have sufficient and comparable previous experience with our methods or a natural facility for psycho-physical training (in the case of The Chekhov Training.)

Actors may apply to our programs following an interview with the studio director. An audition is not required.

Actors are strongly advised to interview and apply to The Meisner Foundation Training or The Chekhov Training programs well in advance of the fall term.

For The Summer Intensives, actors are encouraged to apply by April 1st to guarantee a place in the program.

Seasonal Workshop admissions are open as long as places are available, after which time interested actors will be wait-listed.

Contact us to schedule an interview with the studio director.