Creative Freedom and the Craft of Acting

Michael Chekhov Actor Studio Boston has been one of the leading New England acting training institutions for over a decade. While the name of Michael Chekhov is in the title and DNA of the studio, MCASB offers year-round classes on a variety of training techniques. The pandemic has intensified the uncertainties around contemporary approaches to Acting training, with respect to distant learning and social distancing. Scott Fielding, the founder and the master teacher of MCASB found that, in fact, challenges and rewards of acting training online are near identical to the in-person studio experience.Fielding shares his insights about creative freedom and the craft of Acting in this conversation with The Theatre Times.

Irina Yakubovskaya for The Theatre Times Online

A Deep Conversation About All Things Chekhov

Lenka Pichlikova is a Lecturer in Theatre and Performance at the Conservatory of Theatre Arts, SUNY Purchase in New York. She is an active member of MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association, for which Scott is a faculty member. This combined series of interviews were recorded in June 2018 and January 2019, and edited in February 2019.

Scott Fielding and Lenka Pichlikova

On Consistent Training and Expanding Your View of Success

Scott is interviewed by Anna Weinstein in this excerpt from PERFORM: Succeeding as a Creative Professional/Acting for the Stage (tentative title) by Anna Weinstein, Chapter 4: Getting Ahead/Scott Fielding On Consistent Training and Expanding Your View of Success. Publication date January 2017; Focal Press/Routledge.

Scott Fielding and Anna Weinstein

A Conversation with Scott Fielding

Scott is interviewed by Karl Steudel of The interview also appears in Steudel's forthcoming book: The Complete Guide to Acting in New England.

Scott Fielding and Karl Steudel

Because Later Sometimes Never Comes

Scott is interviewed by Kenny Fuentes, co-director of CoLab Theatre. 

Scott Fielding and Kenny Fuentes

Separating Michael Chekhov and Stanislavsky

A paper was published by the Michael Chekhov Association in Michael Chekhov: Critical Issues, Reflections, Dreams (2009) under the title: Separating Michael Chekhov and Stanislavsky: Regarding the Significance of Divided Consciousness.

Scott Fielding

What's So Special About Chekhov?

A short essay on how the Chekhov method is unique from all others.

Scott Fielding

Michael Chekhov on The Ideal Actor

A selection of inspiring quotes from the book, Lessons to the Professional Actor.

Michael Chekhov

Michael Chekhov on The Theatre of the Future

A selection of inspiring quotes from the book, Lessons to the Professional Actor.

Michael Chekhov