Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston is dedicated to freeing the actor’s talent and highest potential. We empower our hard-working actors to fire their professional development and personal growth. For their part, MCASB actors share intrinsic motivations that compel them to show up and train hard. With our expert teaching and guidance they excel. In short, they act better.

Our training philosophy considers the actor as a whole - a human being consisting of body, soul and spirit. We view the actor’s profession as an art. The perspectives and techniques that inform and influence our approach are consistent with those of Michael Chekhov, for whom our studio is named.

The higher aim of our systematic and principled training programs is for the actor to master a reliable individual technique to creative inspiration and professional work.


More about our actors.

MCASB actors are ambitious. They dream big, bigger than many. They dare to do that.

Equally important, they're smart. They've turned their dreams into goals. And they've figured out that learning and mastering the actor’s craft is the first step to achieving all of what they want.

For experienced actors, that means furthering their professional success, performing at higher levels and booking more work.

For beginners, it means exploring creative principles and systematic techniques, and beginning the journey to becoming a professional.

Whether you're an old pro or a newcomer, if you're clear about what you want and sharp enough to understand what it takes to make it, we'll help you to get what you're after. We'll help you to succeed. 

Here's how.

The key to better acting is to train hard with the suport of expert teaching and passionate, caring guidance and community. That's the key to developing skill of any kind, in art and in science.

What does it mean to train hard? It means purposeful and persistent practice consistent with proven methods and actionable techniques.

Training hard is what a pro athlete does between performance events. He trains hard because he knows it improves his game. She trains hard, also, because she loves it. (And even when she doesn’t love it. Because she knows it improves her game.) 

Our training programs are systematic approaches to the actor’s creative work. They run September through July, with classes twice a week. Actors are generally admitted into our programs only at the start of the Fall Term; although, experienced actors are sometimes accepted for mid-year admission. We also offer a variety of seasonal workshops and short courses that are open to anyone, conditional to relevant experience.


For actors ready to show up and train hard, we offer three core programs.

The Chekhov Training is a master course in acting that:

(1) Develops the actor’s whole creative-expressive, psycho-physical instrument in line with its full potential, and 

(2) Leads the actor to a level of practical mastery such that he or she can apply Chekhov’s objective method creatively, individually, and with the confidence of a professional. 

The Meisner Foundation Training is a systematic program in the fundamentals of acting that:

(1) Conditions the actor’s instinct to express herself truthfully under imaginary circumstances, and

(2) Grounds the actor in a professional craft that positions him for professional success. 

The Advanced Training builds on The Meisner Foundation Training. The primary themes of the program are action and characterization. Active analysis and imagination are the foundation of scene study; and a concrete approach to rehearsing is emphasized. The program welcomes all experienced actors.


Additionally, we also offer three expanded or condensed variations of our core programs.

The Accelerated Training is designed to encourage actors to enroll in any two of our primary training programs at a substantial tuition discount.

The Performance Program is a multi-year sequence that also incorporates both Chekhov and Meisner trainings, followed by a culminating year dedicated to the rehearsal process and performance.

The Summer Intensives are for experienced actors, professionally-oriented beginners, teachers and directors to leverage the summer months for a short period of intensive training in advance of the coming season.


To show up and train hard at MCASB means investing in yourself and preparing your future. We'll train you to become a truthful, imaginative, expressive, skillful, smart and confident actor.

You'll develop your instrument and learn practical, creative acting techniques.

You'll connect with the lively community of ambitious actors who call Michael Chekhov Actors Studio their artistic home.

You'll advance your professional prospects.

You'll act better.