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Peter Anderson
Emerson College

THEATRE: The Flick, Company One; Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Two Gentlemen of Verona, S.L.A.W., Shakespeare and Company; Henry VI Part 2, Actor’s Shakespeare Project; Titus Andronicus, The Humanist Project; Julius Caesar, Emerson College; Julius Caesar, Shakespeare & Company Conservatory.


"I've been lucky enough to study the Michael Chekhov technique with Scott, first at Emerson College and then at MCASB. Scott's disciplined approach and insatiable curiosity create a space where the actor can play freely and without inhibition. Chekhov technique expanded my understanding of acting."

Kevin Asmus
Blue Man Group

Kevin performs with Boston Blue Man Group.


"Training with Scott, I learned how to react, how to feel deeper, how to get out of my head, how to tap the fire inside, and how to be genuinely human. I discovered new emotions, new states of mind, new sources of energy to work from. The Meisner and Chekhov programs pushed me into unknown territory and forced me out of my comfort zone, way out. And training was instrumental in getting my gig with Blue Man Group. Scott's training prepared me for the auditions, and the lessons I learned at MCASB continue to help me shape my character today - both on and off the stage. This training will kick your ass, and you will love it."

Greg Balla
Blue Man Group

Greg performs with Blue Man Group.


"I have been having a lot of fun using the images we have been working with in class in the show, the ideal center, expansion and contraction, awareness of attention, and feeling of ease. I see these all as really practical techniques that allow for a much fuller presence in performance and a much truer expression of self. I feel it engages me physically, to act or respond to any impulse more fully, with my whole body. I feel more myself after working in this way. I had a chance to incorporate some of our imagination work into the (Blue Man) show tonight. I observed that some of the absurd props that we encounter (bottles of paint, Cap’n Crunch, marshmallows, Twinkies, ...) became the source of tremendous power and creative potential. I get what you mean by letting your imagination 'take you for a ride'. Scott, thanks for your guidance. I really dig this work."

Ken Baltin
Boston Conservatory, Faculty

BOSTON THEATRE: Willy Loman, Death of a Salesman; Shelley Levene, Glengarry Glen Ross; Laughter on the 23rd Floor; Waiting for Godot; Permanent Whole Life; Brooklyn Boy; Lost in Yonkers; Copenhagen; Fever Chart; The Kite Runner; Eurydice; American Buffalo; The Screenwriter’s Daughter.


"The Chekhov work has literally opened me up to explore the depth and breadth of my acting talent, made me lighter in my heart and on my feet, and given me permission to feel and express myself more fully. And it has given me tools to be more skillful and creative in my characterizations than before. Overall, incorporating Chekhov techniques into my craft has greatly enriched my experience as a creative artist. Scott Fielding is a true master teacher of acting. His respect for the art of acting, his enthusiasm for the work, his high standards, and his commitment to guiding his students to the fullest use of themselves is unwavering. Training with MCASB has been an exciting and inspiring experience."

Michelle Banning

FILM: The Makeover, Hallmark Channel/ABC Movie; Bride Wars, Fox; The Town, Charlestown; Four Single Fathers, Atlantic Film Productions; The Surrogates, Surrogates Productions; Hachi: A Dog's Tale; Hachiko; Petty Crime, Last Horizon Films. TV: Chasing Life (Pilot), ABC Family Channel; Terminales (Pilot), ABC Family Channel.


"Thank you for walking me through the fire. I've never taken training like this where I've worked so hard, felt so emotionally invested, and yet so at peace, knowing that - finally - this is where I belong."

Aimee Blesing
Univ of New Hampshire, Faculty

THEATRE: The Tempest, As You Like It, theatre.unmasked; The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado, Essential Theatre, Australia. DIRECTOR: Comedy of Errors, UNH; Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet, theatre.unmasked. OTHER: Certified Lessac Trainer.


"Scott is truly dedicated to the development of his students. His knowledge of the Chekhov work is vast and he clearly lives and breathes the technique. If you want to learn how to act, really act, truthfully and with your whole self, train with this man."

William Bloomfield

FILM: Action Words, Linear Media; Masque, Once Tamed Production; Among Wolves, Sheepdog Productions; Ghost Tour, Mainframe Pictures. TV: The Guiding Light, CBS; The Doctors, NBC. THEATRE: Our Town, Riverside Theatre Works; Waiting for Lefty, Zero Point Theatre; Curtain, Boston Playwrights Festival; Twins, Boston Actors Theatre.


"Working with Scott is as close to a conservatory program as I ever got in my NYC days and provides far more depth and focus on what really matters in honing your craft than the typical short-term workshops. While those offerings have their place, developing core skills and learning how it all fits together makes all the difference in auditions, stage, film and commercial acting. Training with Scott is a multidimensional experience in self-awareness combined with straightforward feedback, skills-building, and class-by-class acquiring the tools to move to the next level. My work has measurably improved. If you're ready to study acting from someone who is laser-focused on helping you improve your preparation and delivery, is supportive yet direct, and who doesn't miss a thing, then enroll as fast as possible with Scott. He is a master teacher and coach."

Evan Bowen

STAND UP, NYC: The Comic Strip Live; Greenwich Village Comedy Club; The Stand Comedy Club. STAND UP, NATIONAL: Boston, Seattle, Tacoma, Minneapolis. MC. VOICEOVER. .


"I have studied with many different teachers and have not found a better teacher than Scott. He helped me identify my weakness and more importantly my strengths. I currently live in New York City and have not found training as good." 

Justin Bull
Concord Academy, Faculty

DIRECTOR/WRITER/EDITOR: Swimming Hole (announced); Merge; Night Night Lilly (Short); Homefront (Short); Reality of Life. OTHER: Justin is the Visual Arts Department Head/Film Instructor at Concord Academy.


"The Meisner Intensive was an eye-opener to me. From a student's perspective, I was grateful for Scott's careful, deliberate work. His knowledge of the technique and insistence and quality engagement ensured a lively class. As a fellow teacher, I was inspired by Scott's ability to shepherd the class toward a common goal in a manner that allowed room for individual control over our own progress. He's a genuine, compassionate instructor. That he also has a sense of humor and "No B.S." attitude helps as well!"

Owen Burke

FILM: Black Mass, Scott Cooper/Warner Brothers; Sea of Trees, Gus Van Sant/Bloom/Lionsgate; Grey Lady, John Shea/Beacon Pictures; The Forger, Philip Martin/Saban Films; The Equalizer, Antoine Fuqua/Columbia Pictures; The Town, Ben Affleck/Warner Brothers. THEATRE: Death of a Salesman (Biff), Marblehead Little Theatre.


"Training with Scott Fielding and the dedicated actors of Michael Chekov Actors Studio has made a clear cut improvement in my acting ability and my understanding of the actor’s craft. The time spent learning and exploring the techniques of Sanford Meisner of Michael Chekhov through Scott has translated to more auditions, more callbacks, and more bookings. In short, to advance my career. I highly recommend to anyone serious about learning and improving their craft to come work with Scott at MCASB."

Cailey Calisi

THEATRE: Othello, Tilden Arts Center; Hamlet, Wellfleet Harbours Actors Theatre; Quills, Cotuit Center for the Arts; The Lion in Winter, Falmouth Theater Guild. FILM: Viral, Lang Productions; Revelation, Lang Productions.


"Training at MCASB has changed my life. I have been studying with Scott for a year and have made leaps and bounds. I take my craft, education, and growth as an actor seriously, and so does Scott. Scott is a master of his craft and a wealth of knowledge. Nothing gets by him and he is here to guide us in our training. He encourages us to push ourselves, to be brave, and to always take risks. Studying both Meisner and Chekhov in my first year, I have learned not only techniques, but how to blend them to mold my instrument to suit circumstance and character. I am proud to be an actor, an artist. But Scott's classes have made me a professional with discipline, dedication, and passion. Every actor serious about their craft and their future as an artist should take classes with Scott, MCASB is the place for you."

Melina Chadbourne
Emerson College

FILM: Witch-Hunt, Feudal Systems Productions; Heavy Times, Nut Pony Films; Six of Swords, The Fantasy Machine, SUNY Purchase; Road Trip, NYU; Most Likely, Globe Trotting Films. THEATRE: The Sweet Dreams of Lizzie Tilley, The New Theater, NYC; Open House, Conejo Players Theater, CA; Rough & Tumble, Emerson Stage.


"Scott, I've been thinking about you and class so much lately. I started classes in Hollywood last week and (I try not to, but – ) I compare our class with this one. I very much miss the Meisner work, all you guys, and the general atmosphere of the studio because I really grew a lot in our class. I have so much gratitude for your class and you as a teacher because it has changed my world. I knew how great a class it was then, but now being away from it I know it even more. You really helped me to begin the real work I needed to do in order to hopefully one day become a great actor. I have so much more hard work ahead of me but without the studio, I could not have broken down certain walls that needed to be broken down in order to continue the work and do it well. It was only with your class that I realized some of the most important aspects of acting."

Jake Crowley
University of Martha Washington

UMW THEATRE: Lysistrata; Lady Windermere's Fan; Noises Off.


"Scott, I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome summer intensive. I think you're a great teacher and cannot wait to take the Meisner Foundation Training program. I really feel like I have dramatically improved as an actor in such a short stretch of time. I feel like my skills have improved more than they have with two full semesters of acting classes at college. I'm very excited to apply the skills I've learned this summer to my acting at school. I feel more confident than I ever have with the craft. I really value everything I've learned from you. I can honestly say I feel I am a considerably better actor after this summer."

Julie Dapper

BOSTON THEATRE: The Glass Menagerie, Othello,The Diary of Anne Frank, The Miracle Worker, The Crucible, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Misunderstanding, Anna in the Tropics, Laundry and Bourbon, The Winter’s Tale. FILM/TV: Elixir of Death, History Channel; This Far By Faith, PBS; Giordano Bruno, Learning Channel.


"Scott, I think you are a great teacher and I am so glad to be taking your classes. Thanks again for sharing your deep understanding and experience of the art of acting with me. You are amazing. Thank you."

Jay Dunigan

FILM: Andrew Bridgeworth in The Makeover, Hallmark Hall of Fame/ABC Television; Archangel Michael in The Devil May Care, Transparent Frog Films; John in My Soul To Keep (Graduate Film- Bob Giordani Writer/Director). OTHER: Many New England-based TV Commercials and Voice Over for both Radio and TV commercials.


"At the start of my full time acting journey, I was fortunate to take Meisner classes with Scott. As a full-time conservatory student now in New York City, I recognize that Scott’s coaching and direction towards stillness when performing, movement when there is a reason to move, and removing the part of one’s ego that gets in the way of telling the story was right on the money."

Matthew Fagerberg
Emerson College

THEATRE: Cakewalk, Zeitgeist Theatre; Language of Angels, Happy Medium Theatre Company; The Submission, Zeitgeist Stage; The Draft, Hiberian Hall and NE tour.


"Plain and simple, my training at MCASB made me fall in love with the craft of acting. In the last year I have spent with Scott I have been challenged. But challenged in that rare way that invigorates inspiration and passion. With each failure or success in class I was motivated feverishly to purse this education in a more dedicated manner. That is the most important thing Scott confronts you with, the value of your commitment to acting and the plethora of tools at your disposable if you are willing to work hard." 

Sal Framondi

TV: Los Cazadores de Recompensas, Telemundo; Secretos, Channel 62 LA. FILM: Toonies, Raucous Bacchus Productions; Berea, Joel Marsh Films; Downset is Tonight, NYFA. THEATRE: The Big Funk, Raucous Bacchus; Streetcar Named Desire, POWPAC; Savage in Limbo, Waiting for Lefty, Palomar; Julius Caesar, New Village Arts. COMMERCIALS.


"So I auditioned two weeks ago for a boxing movie. And I get the callback. I was up against another dude for the lead (the director tells me after the fact.) He's a little younger, though I had the boxing experience. But her "golden-word" when she saw my resume, she says, is Michael Chekhov. She's a big fan of Chekhov method, and she liked my monologue.... I shoot in NY starting Sunday! – Thank you for everything! You are an amazing teacher. I am always caught off guard by the tactics and strategies that you come up with to help free us creatively... how you help make us better actors. I can feel myself getting better and more confident because of your instruction. You are truly a master teacher."

Russell Gannon

FILM: Sins of the Preacher, Lifetime Networks; Interference, Tega Productions; Frontline: The Secret State of North Korea (translator/narrator), PBS Networks. THEATRE:Night Watch, Desk Set, Concord Players; Spring Awakening, Lexington Players. OTHER: Russ is a proud member on the board of Boston SAG-AFTRA.


"Before studying at MCASB, I had taken classes at local casting companies. But I didn't take the idea of training very seriously. Scott ignited my passion to become a better actor. I discovered a greater love of acting than I had ever known before. In time, I found that I was impressing directors and fellow actors. I began landing more and more roles. And I credit that to training with Scott."

Amanda Goble

STAGE NYC: Fairy Queen, Dell'Arte Opera; Taming of the Shrew, Manhattan Shakespeare; As You Like It, Hamlet, Spontaneous Shakespeare Players; BOSTON/MA: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare & Co.; Little Giants, Imaginary Beasts; Lunar Labyrinth, Liars & Believers. OTHER: Aerial, Circus, Movement Instructor.


"Scott, thank you for your training. I completely use what I learned with you. I took other acting classes since then, but my real foundation is from my year with you, and it really does feel like a seed that sprouts and grows over time. I feel like what we worked on with you is still growing and multiplying in me. I continue to have breakthroughs now that stem from that year. All the time training since (elsewhere), I couldn't have gotten as much out of it as I did without the work I did in your class. If I ever return to Boston, I would want to continue with you, if you'd have me. You are a gem for the Boston community. People really don't know what they are missing there. I am utterly grateful for the time with you. You have set a very high bar."

Michael Gonza

TELEVISION: The Broad Squad, ABC. THEATRE: Wittenberg, Little Times Square Theater, NYC; End of the World Party, Speakeasy Stage. INDUSTRIALS: The Mob Museum, Northern Lights Productions.


"I have studied with my fair share of teachers in Boston, NYC and now Los Angeles and in my opinion I'm able to say what qualities make for a great teacher. These are: patience, a firm but compassionate approach to the pupil, a deep understanding of human behavior, a keen and quick grasp of script analysis, ability to simply convey the steps of the craft and how they relate one another, an intuitive sense for how the individual actor works, and a deep seated love for the craft and a strong desire to bring another artist to LIFE. Scott has all of these, and then some. If you are new to acting or looking to go deeper, then I strongly suggest that you owe it to yourself to get your ass to MCASB!"

Phyllis Gordon

THEATRE: Painfully Funny (One Woman Show), Solocom Festival NYC; Mad Forest, Berkshire Theatre Festival; The Hollow, Cortland Rep, (Broadway World's Best Actress Nomination); Flanagan's Wake (Tour). TV: Frontline (Narration), PBS; I'd Kill For You (Discovery ID, NBC Peacock). AUDIO BOOK NARRATION. STANDUP.


"The Meisner FoundationTraining changed me as an actor. I didn't even see it happening but I became more honest, more relaxed, and more aware. My auditioning improved. I started getting more callbacks. And more jobs. Learning Michael Chekhov's techniques has taken my acting to a higher level. I did a film recently and used the tool of centers. I didn't tell anyone; I just did it on every take. The director loved the quiet intensity of my performance. Chekhov work has strengthened me, allowing me to become more vulnerable and imaginative."

Anne Gottlieb

THEATRE: Broken Glass, New Repertory; Frankie and Johnny at the Clare De Lune, New Repertory; The Wrestling Patient, co-created and produced by 40Magnolias, SpeakEasy Stage Company and Boston Playwrights; In the Next Room (Or The Vibrator Play), SpeakEasy Stage Company; Absinthe (with Joanna Merlin), Boston Playwrights.


"Scott Fielding is an exceptionally talented director and teacher. For established actors and directors interested in the acting technique of Michael Chekhov, Scott is a wonderful person to study with. If you are considering any kind of training and are looking for a very experienced acting teacher here in Boston, please check him out. I highly recommend Scott.”

Beth Guerrara

FILM: The Fastest Most Romantic Love Yet. THEATRE: Myles and Me, Improv Boston; A Piece of Heaven, Harvard University. SKETCH: Member, Thee Dixie Griddle, The Riot Theater and Improv Boston; Straight Man Improv group, Improv Boston. OTHER: Professional Drummer.


"I realize why I came to your classes: to shed the other teacher’s voices that have taken me away from my instincts! Chekhov training and your coaching have changed me completely, personally and professionally. It was what I've been searching for since I started acting. I wish I found it first but I am so glad I am studying now. Actors: If you’re stuck and you can’t figure out why, come to Chekhov. If you’re blocked and you can’t give your characters what you see in your head you for them, come to Chekhov. If you’re afraid your emotions will overwhelm you and the audience, come to Chekhov. Or if you can’t access your emotion, come to Chekhov. If you’re afraid, hungry, or burnt out come to Chekhov. If you’re happy with your acting and you think you don’t have anything to learn, then you should definitely come to Chekhov. – Chekhov method is a gem. As is Scott’s coaching in Boston."

Christine Hamel
Boston University, Faculty

THEATRE: Trumpery, Olney Theatre Center; On the Verge, Broken Glass, New Repertory Theatre; A Disappearing Number, Central Square Theatre; Glass Menagerie, Boston Center for American Performance/BCAP. VOCAL COACH: Huntington Theatre Company; Merrimack Rep; Actors’ Shakespeare Project.


"Scott has a passion for acting that demands bravery and depth in the actors with whom he is working. He has a talent for identifying what is authentic and vibrant in the actor's experience, and in giving clear imaginative tools to access their inner lives – the emotional raw material that comprises what we mean by having access to our own humanity. Scott’s depth and breadth of experience in the Chekhov method is evident not only in the mastery with which he communicates the work, his facility to activate what is dramatic, and his ability to foster transformation; but also in the great sensitivity and care with which he approaches theatre making. He invites work which is investigatory, curious, and able to tap deeply into rich veins of life within."

Alexandra Harrington

THEATRE: The Breakfast Club, Next Stage (Los Angeles); The Dinosaurs Have a Request, Sauce, Company One; Punk Rock, Zeitgeist; The Arabian Night, Slasher, Apollonaire. TV: TMI, Second City; Thursday Nite Live, Hofstra; Justice with Judge Mablean, Entertainment. INDIE FILM: Debbie's Webbie Nook; Neighborhood Watch; Mosden; Brawlr; Tinder Diaries.


"After taking classes with Scott, I have learned so much about myself as an actor and even just as a person. I can't say it's been easy, especially when I find myself going through the emotions a "normal" person would go through in a month in a short three hour class, but I can say that all of the challenges have been 100% gratifying. If you want to push yourself to the limits as an actor, improve, cry while you're laughing, laugh while you're crying, and watch your fellow actors grow as well, then take this class. It's worth every penny!"

Jennifer Hicks

Jen is a director, actor, dancer and artist who has taught movement and made original theater for over 25 years. OTHER: Butoh training for over 25 years.


"I highly recommend Scott Fielding as a fantastic acting teacher. His way of teaching a physical theater style is something I think Boston has needed for a long time."

Taylor Hilliard

THEATRE: The Man in Marry Me A Little, NextDoor Theater; Vocal Company member of the College Light Opera Company, Falmouth, MA; Peoples Improv Theater, Showcase, NYC; Broadway Artists Alliance Showcase at New World Stages (NYC); Jesus Christ Superstar, dir. Michele Pawk.


"Knowing that I needed to find a way to establish an acting craft and foundation for my career, I began to train with Scott in the fall of 2013. I quickly realized that although I had been performing since I was ten, I knew next to nothing about acting. I am now beginning my third year of training with Scott. He uses an approach that requires the student to answer his or her own questions on their feet while doing. As a result, he helps the student to “connect the dots” one by one over time, allowing the student to blossom into a compelling, truthful, and skilled actor. If you're looking to be challenged and undoubtedly grow as an actor, then Michael Chekhov Actors Studio is for you."

Brandon Homer
The Juilliard School

THEATRE: The Glass Menagerie, Roxbury Repertory Theater; A Soldier’s Story, Roxbury Repertory Theater; The Bacchae, Oberon Theater, Outside the Box festival. OTHER: Attending The Juilliard School’s Drama Division, Group 48.


"I’ve been developing myself as an actor with Scott at MCASB for almost 3 years now, training 3 or 4 days a week under his direction. I started as a novice actor. First crawling, then walking, and now Im running. The rigorous time and effort I’ve spent under Scott’s tutelage has led to my acceptance at The Juilliard School. Without Scott’s constant guidance and dedication to my development, I would not be attending Juilliard this fall. During my three-day audition at Juilliard, which is a simulation in every practice the drama division offers, I received an affirmation of the challenging work we do at MCASB. None of the language or exercises were foreign to me. Sensations, ease, gesture, form, stillness, objective – all aspects of MCASB training, all pillars of Scott’s instruction. Scott is truly in company with Juilliard professors, those are his peers, that’s the caliber of his teaching. He will push you to master the fundamentals and give you the techniques to develop your instrument. MCASB is a radiant gem of Boston, and Scott is a master teacher.

Helen Hood

FILM: The Mirage, Pelham Productions; Trying, Boston University. THEATRE: Shakespeare's Villains, Wax Wings Productions.


"Scott has this uncanny ability to put his finger precisely on that thing that will make you a more truthful and creative actor. He knows the actor's craft inside and out. His teaching appears very intuitive, but is grounded in extensive knowledge of craft and technique. If you want to be challenged and to elevate your craft to an art, I wholeheartedly recommend his training."

Ajay Jain

THEATRE: Ajay, has acted in Hindi and English languages in some twenty plays in traditional and contemporary Indian theater in both India and the United States. He's most proud of his work in Mahabharata,in which he played Krishna, Mareech the legend, Raja ka Baja, Vallabhpur ki Roopkatha, and Mirchi Cola. INDIE FILM: The Theft; Far Away.


"The Chekhov Training helped me to develop awareness – awareness of my own body, tensions within it, my breath, and awareness of my own impulses and instincts. It helped me to be in the moment and follow my impulses freely. It gave me many tools that I can apply in my acting and above all a way of doing everything with a sense of ease. Scott is a great teacher and mentor. He knows exactly what a student’s needs are and how best to assist him in his own self discovery and development. In one class, Scott mentioned that the difference between craft and art is ease. If one wants to take his acting craft to the level to art, he must consider working with Scott. I’m so glad that I took this training."

Peter Josephson
St. Anselm College, Faculty

THEATER: Waiting for Godot, Ghostlight Theatre; Buried Child, Zoo Story, Macbeth, Theatre Kapow; What You Will or Twelfth Night Seven Stages Shakespeare Company; Red, Winnipesaukee Playhouse; Six Characters in Search of an Author, New Hampshire Theatre Project.


"I sought out Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston because I was dissatisfied with the usual process of rehearsal and performance. Again and again this training clarifies for me the possibilities I’ve only glimpsed on the horizon, strengthens imagination, and simplifies and deepens the experience of playing a character. The Chekhov approach offers the most practical tools for truthful acting. It helps actors become artists. I use it in everything I do, and it bears fruit: In the four years since I started working with Scott I’ve been nominated for six acting awards, and won my first award this year. Scott was the first person I thanked. He is a master teacher, always both encouraging and challenging, and always deeply insightful. It is no exaggeration to say that Scott’s teaching has transformed my acting, and has made me more sensitive and attentive to the world offstage as well."

Poornima Kirby

THEATRE: Sleep No More, A.R.T.; Portal of God, Boston Actor's Theater; A Christmas Carol, Prince and the Pauper, Hampstead Stage; Measure for Measure, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare & Co; Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer, Macbeth, ShakespeareNOW; Blood Rose Rising, Honest Ghost Productions. INDIE FILM: The Walker, Checkmate, Foundling.


"Scott, just wanted to say thanks. I've been enjoying these classes so much. I felt like I came away from Wednesday with a couple of delicious revelations. I am amazed by how much even these few short weeks of revisiting Chekhov’s essentials has helped and expanded my work. I am uber-thirsty for more!"

Robert LaMothe

IMPROV: Member of MUDHUT, an Improv Boston Studio 40 improv team; Gorefest the 13th.


"A friend recommended Scott's classes. I'm very glad that he did. The studio is a real training ground. Scott sets high standards and expects a great deal from everyone. There are ample opportunities for novice as well as experienced actors to expand, hone and really practice their craft. Each class creates their own creative atmosphere, and the friendships I've made at MCASB have been long-lived and rewarding. I'm starting to see what I wanted to materialize, in a space that I'm comfortable in. One that challenges me and respects me."

Maria LaRossa

THEATRE: How to Succeed, Stoneham Theatre; West Side Story, Palace Theatre; Guys and Dolls, Ocean State Theatre; Chicago, A Chorus Line and My Fair Lady, Reagle; A Funny Thing Happened, Stoneham; Mary Poppins, Wheelock. DANCE: Presidential Arts Scholarship, Creativity Award, the John DeCoff Scholarship. Moss Hart Award.


"Scott is both an amazing teacher and human being. He is truly one of the wisest, most honest and qualified acting teachers that can be found. Scott possesses incredible passion for teaching the craft and genuinely cares for all of his acting students. He provides his actors with an environment so nurturing that everyone in his class feels safe to explore along with the necessary tools and support to surpass all boundaries. I love that he continuously pushes and encourages me to work to my personal best and refuses to accept anything less. I feel very lucky to know Scott and to work under his invaluable guidance."

Abigail Jean Lucas

THEATRE: Cyrano De Bergerac, Vokes Theatre; Murder at the Masquerade, Murder Mystery Company; Road to Mecca, Henry IV Part I, Unadilla Theater; The Stronger, Theater Virces; Comedy of Errors, Echo Valley Arts; What Lips my Lips have Kissed, Dir. Paula Plum. INDIE FILM: Bloody Henry; Stream; Coincidental Intrusion; The Necklace; $72.54.


"I feel extremely fortunate to have found Scott and this studio. In the Meisner Foundation Training, I've laughed, been challenged and upon the year's completion, I feel an exceptional improvement. Scott's extensive knowledge and experience captivates, enchants, and engages me every class. MCASB is unique from other Boston studios. If you’re looking for a serious studio, I highly recommend our studio.” ... "Scott, I want to thank you so much for your support during my monologue preparation process for StageSource auditions. The time we spent on Saturday was so helpful. Your dedication and commitment is apparent and your classes have given me such a solid training. I am just learning more and more to trust in what we have been learning. Thank you for reminding me. It paid off when I got up there. Chekhov is a way of Life. I love it."

Andy MacDonald
Brown University/Trinity Rep

OFF BROADWAY: Heidi Chronicles; The Importance of Being Earnest; The Scarecrow; Power of Sail; Hamlet. BOSTON: Reasons to be Pretty, Ithaca/A Trip To Cork, Baby with the Bathwater; A Doll’s House. TRINITY REP COMPANY MAINSTAGE: Merry Wives, Macbeth, Midsummer, Julius Caesar, Othello.


"While I received wonderful training in an MFA program, it wasn't until I studied with Scott that I was able to sort out the helpful tools from the unhelpful baggage in my own process. The combination of Chekhov's method and Scott's masterful instruction gave me inspiring new clarity about the acting process and radically improved my acting approach on all fronts - actor/teacher/director. Scott embodies what an acting teacher should be in the 21st century. He's uncompromisingly faithful to the goal of bringing out the purest sense of truth in his students. But he steers clear of that old-school method of breaking students down to rebuild them from scratch. Scott took the much more effective approach of identifying my strengths and respecting my previous training, while still challenging me in blunt but compassionate ways. In order to take the big risks, actors need to feel safe and respected. This is why actors are drawn to Scott and grow so tremendously and quickly under his instruction."

Rafael Marinho

FILM: Theory of Conflict; While You Were Sleeping (Short); Love, Lies and the Internet (Short); Prêt pour le Paradis (Short). THEATRE: Last Days of Judas Iscariot, New England Repertory Company.


"Finding a good teacher is hard enough. Scott is a great teacher. He has a sharp mind and a horse sense that I have seldom seen in a teacher. He will challenge you as an actor and as a person to, in his own words, ‘step up your game.’ He knows as an actor himself the many difficult challenges an actor faces but he will give you the tools to succeed in the craft. Never one to shy from hard comments, he is equally fast to praise you when your work is good. He treats you as a professional, has a great sense of humor and will always call you on your b.s. I can’t recommend working with him enough. I look forward to keep growing with him, because no matter how much you develop as an actor, Scott will challenge you to develop more."

John Melczer

THEATRE: In The Territories, Sea Change Theater; Antigone, Sea Change Theater; The Crucible, Salem Theater Company; The Odd Couple, Inherit the Wind, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Marblehead Little Theater; The Tempest, Salem Theater Company. FILM: Black Mass, Warner Brothers.


"To say that Scott "teaches" would be a gross understatement. He loves what he does, and that shows from the instant you walk through the door until the moment the class ends. But with this class, the class never ends. You take it with you in your daily life, absorbed in the knowledge, experience, and love he imparts to you. In his teaching of Meisner, Chekhov, and a wealth of personal, independent experience and analysis, you can only but reap a true bounty. Scott – Michael Chekhov Actors Studio – is a gift to anyone wanting to learn about acting, about life, and most importantly, about themselves."

Maria Natapov

FILM: Honky Holocaust, Troma World Wide; Having Fun Up There, Independent Film, MassIFF and Austin Film Festival. WEB: In the Bedroom Ep. 8, LA WebFest 2015 Winner, NEABO 2015 Nominee.


"If you are serious about studying Meisner and are looking to get the principal of this work down and are prepared to do the work, then you want to work with Scott Fielding. He won't let you get away with things, but you'll truly understanding how to listen and respond and be present, the keys to success for any actor."

Sophorl Ngin

Film: In My Arms (Music Video), Tribal Films; Dark City, Flying Orb Productions; Netherworld, Flying Orb Productions. Theater: Interference, Liars and Believers; Arabian Nights, Central Square Theatre; Seminar, Stoneham Theatre; The Bacchae, Tubiforce Productions; As You Like It, U Mass Theater


"You want to be an honest, truthful actor? You go to Scott."

Brooke Norris
Emerson College

TV: A Crime To Remember, Discovery ID; Mysteries At The Castle, Travel Channel. NY THEATRE: Almost, Maine, Rita Wallach Morgenthau Theatre; A Doll House, Access Theater; Flabbergasted Manhattan Repertory Theatre.


"Scott, I had an amazing time in your class! It was definitely challenging, and I feel much more aware as an actor as a result. I have learned the importance of committing. I feel like I have started to understand acting in a different way."

Juanita Rodrigues
Boston Arts Academy, Faculty

DIRECTING: A More Perfect Union; Twilight in Los Angeles; Brooklyn; Wilderness; Joe Tuner’s Come and Gone; Blues for Mr. Charlie; The Colored Museum. ACTING: The Brother Sister Pays, Six Rounds Six Lessons, The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot, Company One; TV: Broad Squad; Knockaround Kids.


"Scott is able to not only bring the actor to a place of truth, but he is able to help her really become present in the work. It is such a blessing to have a place in Boston where one can train – really train – with someone that knows his craft sooo well that you thirst for more! That’s Scott and I will be forever grateful for how his teaching has impacted me as an actor, director and teacher."

David Ryer

THEATRE:The Cure; I Gelosi; Orpheus; Almost Maine.


"Taking the Meisner Foundation Training was a great way for me to start training in acting. I developed my senses and discovered so many things about myself that I use in my work. The difference in my awareness of others, spontaneity, and reacting to people’s behavior is night and day compared to when I began. The Meisner training helped me get a solid base from which I felt confident enough to say: Yes this is what I really want to do. Now I’ve just moved to LA. I’ve been accepted to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Art.” ... "Scott, it's been awhile since I wrote to you. I have finished my 1st year at AADA. I have to say after a full year here nothing challenged me as much as your training. I value it more and more."

Francesca Sales

THEATRE: Comedy of Errors, Dead Shakespeare Society; Living in the Sacred Heart, Slam Boston. FILM: My Cross to Bear, New England Institute of Art graduate film; Ground, independent film.


"I started taking acting classes because I had stage fright when giving presentations at work. What I found at MCASB was more than I bargained for: a love for the craft of acting. A year of Meisner and Chekhov has helped me immensely to understand what it means to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances; let my partner really pinch me, no holds barred; be fully open, through all my senses, to receive what the muse of imagination has to offer; be in love with the process and not the results – and so much more. I owe Scott and the studio for helping me not just to open up my creative self and find the Art I'm capable of creating, but also to appreciate the Art that exists all around me."

Fausto Sierakowski

MUSICIAN: Co-Founder/Co-Director of Errichetta Festival, Rome, Italy. Master in Contemporary Improvisation, New England Conservatory. Fausto has played with prominent musicians at the Kennedy Center (DC), the Stone, Barbes and Shapeshifter (NYC), the Font Festival (Montreal), and venues across the US, Canada, Western Europe.


"Studying with Scott Fielding has been immensely valuable for my development as an actor, has enriched and inspired my work as an experimental musician, and has deeply contributed to my self-realization as a human being. Scott has an incredible talent for intuitively understanding our artistic core, for seeing our talents and limits, and for leading us to the maximum fulfillment of our inner potential, through mastery of his pedagogical tools. Among many many other things, learning to create a fluid relationship between mind and impulses in the real-time of performance has strengthened my control over the creative process as an actor and musician."

Emilie Stark-Menneg

THEATRE: Dark Vanilla Jungle, Camden Fringe & Cockpit Theatre, UK; The Heretic, Much Ado, Hysteria, Limbo, Burning Coal Theatre, NC; Winter's Tale, Peace University, NC; Proof, Temple Theater, NC; Romeo and Juliet, The Drilling Co., NYC. VIDEO/FINE ART EXHIBITIONS: PMA Biennial; Portland Museum of Art; Center for Maine Contemporary Art.


"Scott is an extraordinary acting instructor. In scene study, by asking insightful and revealing questions, he is able to asses an actor’s behavior on a macro and micro level. He helped deepen my listening capabilities by asking me to “do less” and, instead, attune to what was really happening in a given scene. He guided me to make choices that were ever more honest, present, and free. I experienced great surprise and exaltation in his classes."

Jay Street

FILM: East of Hollywood, Chimera Entertainment; The Finest Hours, Walt Disney Pictures; Harvey the Great, Films Royale; Mobsters in the Mountains, Northeast Productions; Room 305, Emerson College.


"Training at Michael Chekhov Actors Studio has been very rewarding to me. Scott not only helps you grow as an actor/artist, he helps you grow as an individual. Scott can expertly diagnose as well as provide solutions to barriers that hinder an actor’s performance. His candid approach is a rarity. I have learned a lot from Scott over the last year and I am looking forward to another year of development with him. If you are an aspiring actor or a veteran actor looking to take you craft to another level, go to Scott! It will be the best career-related decision you ever made."

Helen Swanson

THEATRE: The Draft, Onward Productions Tour, Hiberian Hall; The Goddess Diaries, Regent Theater; Twice Bitten, Lesley University; FILM: The Fantasy - Northeast Productions; A Mouthful of Cupcakes, Harry Phan Productions. WEB: The Syndustry, Boston University.


"Scott Fielding is among the best educators I've ever worked with. The expectations and empathy he has for his students has fueled my growth as an actor. I still catch myself experiencing moments of wonder at the sensitivity I've developed during my years with Scott and I count myself lucky to be one of his students."

Kyla Walker
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

THEATRE: Clubland, A.R.T.; Twelfth Night, The Foundry Theatre Co; Three Sisters, British American Dramatic Academy; Little Murders, The Boston Conservatory; Sunday in the Park with George, The Boston Conservatory.


"After touching on Michael Chekhov technique in school I wanted to further my training with this specific approach and found my way to this studio. I studied here over the summer and received intense, exciting and revelatory training. Scott creates an incredible room to explore in. What I got out of the Michael Chekhov intensive is in my body, my impulses, and my connection to the text. This unique and explorative approach allows each actor to access connections to text in a physical and visceral way. The Chekhov technique taught me to feel before I think and I am beginning to break free of my inhibitions, and approach my work in a raw and exciting way. As a young actor that is more than I can ask for."

Amy West

THEATER: Betty Bam, Imaginary Beasts; Hidden Faces of Courage, Fort Point Theatre Channel. DIRECTING: 10 Minute Play Festival; October, Rosa Nagle. WEB: Beyond the Elaborate Glance. OTHER: Principle with Diversity/Inclusion Training Workshops, Dramatic Results/IBIS Consulting.


"Everything I do in my life is colored by the Chekhov Training I got at MCASB. I have never felt so at ease and alive on stage. When I'm directing I always start with "atmosphere" as a way for the cast and I to find our common language, to move together in the space, listen to each other, awaken our individual feelings and to find the energy of now. Opening up and saying yes to my imagination and how I move through a space – whether as a director, actor, observer – this has made my life so much more interesting and full. If you are serious about growing your imagination then learning Michael Chekhov technique with Scott is the way to go."

Dan Whelton

THEATRE: Hanover Theatre; Lyric Stage Company; Nora Theatre; The Majestic Theater; Stoneham Theatre; SpeakEasy Stage; Hartford TheaterWorks; Hartford Stage Company; Long Wharf Theatre; Foothills Theatre Company. FILM: The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, New Line Cinema, Nitty Gritty Films; Drop Dead Drunk; Mystery of Matter, PBS.


"I'm a working professional actor who was looking for some really good, specific actor training. I found it with Scott at Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston. The Chekhov Training gave vocabulary and definition to my ideas and instincts, while teaching me new ways play. I can't wait to come back for more!"