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Said Stanislavki

Apr 20 2016

"Seek him out, wherever he is teaching or performing. He is my most brilliant pupil!"

– Konstantin Stanislavksy, on Michael Chekhov

The Elemental Gestures Of Life

Apr 13 2016

Went to sleep last night with powerful impressions after tonight's work on expanding and contracting.

Awoke this morning and couldn't help but look for more. 

Where to look? 

Where NOT to look?! 

Expanding and contracting are the primary gestures of our daily experience. 

Observe them in the rhythm of your own breathing. 

At another pole, we observe them in the universe.

Expanding and contracting are human and cosmic breathing.


Take a deep breath in.

Breathe out.

Put your attention on the inner movement, the inner gesture, the expanding and contracting.

Allow a relevant image to arise. 

Pay special attention to the transition, the moment of change from expanding to contracting, from contracting to expanding.

Experience the sensations.

Express your feelings.

Say hello to inspiration.

Inner Activity, Human Aura, Actor's Presence

Apr 06 2016

We looked (again) this week at what Chekhov calls "inner activity." Someone brought up the concept of the human aura.

The aura radiates from the human body like the spokes of a wheel radiate from the wheel's hub. Indeed, the Sanskrit root "at", means the spoke of a wheel. 

Alternatively, the Latin term for aura means "air." The aura is in fact a kind of aerial emanation. It is sometimes called the "psychic atmosphere" or "magnetic atmosphere" of a person. 

Michael Chekhov calls it the "personal atmosphere" of a character.

You can find a lot of scientific (and psuedo-scientific) writing on the subject of auras. 

Writing from a strictly scientific point of view, Rudolf Steiner says this:

"The color effects perceptible to the spirit(ual) eye that ray out around the physical human being observed in his activity and that envelop him like a somewhat egg-shaped cloud are the human aura. The size of this aura varies in different people, but we may say that the entire human being appears on the average twice as long and four times as wide as the physical human being.

The most varied shades of color flood the aura. This color flooding is a true picture of the inner human life. As this changes, so do the shades of color change. Certain permanent qualities such as talents, habits and traits of character, however, express themselves also in permanent fundamental color shades."

Michael Chekhov suggests to imagine an Ideal Center high in the chest. A center full of activity (energy-movement-gesture....) Picture it as a golden-yellow sun, warm and light-filled. Imagine the rays shining out - radiating - in all directions. Raying out beyond the limits of the physical body and into the immediate and even infinite space. ...

In this way, the actor develops and strengthens his or her inner activity, his or her inner power. 

And, in turn, the aura. 

Which is to say, the actor's presence.

Michael Chekhov (Hamlet)

Mar 30 2016

What's so special about Chekhov?


Staniskavsky said: "Seek him out, wherever he is teaching or performing. He is my most brilliant pupil!"

Find out more this summer. The Chekhov Intensive starts June 15.

Six weeks, you'll have your answer. 

(And then you'll want more. Because if you're an actor, it's really that good.)

What We Stand For

Mar 23 2016

MCASB means hardcore training and real results.

"Show up. Train hard. Act better."

How simple is that? (Note I didn't say easy.)

What's worth having is worth working hard for.

Get what you want. Earn it. 

Make Success Happen

Mar 16 2016

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

One of my favorite quotes. Might have been Lincoln said it. 

Want success?

It's up to you.

Make it happen. 

Get it?

Get it.

Dream Big. Start Now.

Mar 09 2016

Imagination plus action. It takes both to succeed.

Sprinkle – generously – with the fire of enthusiastic feeling.

Bake until done.

Enjoy the process. Savor the results.

Do It Now

It's always a pity to hear from actors – and it's all too often that we do – that they'd like to train BUT they don't have the time, the money, the energy, ... 

They always have a reason why they can't.

Here's an alternative to can't: Find the reason why you MUST.

This shouldn't be a headscratcher.

Find your answer and then DO it: TRAIN.

Take action toward the fulfillment of your creative and professional goals this coming season and become a better actor starting NOW. 

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